america the beautiful

various artists


1994 CDx2


disc 1: car chase

rougeux + negativland / happy as a clam in the land of uncle sam

kings of feedback / fuck america

barry dalive / choakin' the american chicken

mono pause / come into the future

amk / forever only

vampire rodents / bosch erotique

john wiggins / zappa map: god bless frank zappa

thomas dimuzio / yard

st 37 / new arrival

mandible chatter / dead white american pelvis

idea fire company / pure joy

greg turkington / recipes and reflections

chop shop / 4x4

luxurious bags / filling station fix

grae-com / build the bomb

small cruel party / birds explore trees

hands to / kin tozo

tac / what do you do?

slughog / hangman

randy grief / history lessen

disc 2: stun gun

out of band experience / bonerland

faxed head / american phenomena: the wireless rattle

lee ranaldo / how much needs crushing?

neil hamburger / that's my life

phil milstein / louie

borbetomagus / fur mutti

horse-cow / how the other half lives

commode minstrels in bull face / wild sandferrier's owymee creek dreams

goosewind / intro screaming: lawn otis johnson

the easy goings / my compromise

philip perkins / untitled (atb)

blowhole / divinings

shrilltower / song for the immigrant laborers

specula / can't we all?

nisi period / the beatles ruined everything

nicholas collins / lightening strikes not once but twice

the haters / climate antenna

crawling with tarts / dream of the fallen soldier

con demek / piece on earth

scott marshall and mark giangrande / vichy