audio odditions kompilation #3

various artists

discorporeality recordings

2008 CDx2


amber asylum / twilight's golden doors

ure thrall / chocolate sunni ice dreamery

troum / ah genga

voice of eye / ghost caravan

nommo ogo / moonlane

aidan baker / oneirodrone

james goode / spatio sensory (excerpt)

nux vomica / de temporum ratione sol manath

parlour music communications / corpus earthling

forms of things unknown / enantiodronia (edit)

ethos (5) / ships of flame (from the cyber-opera "the pink sun")

6comm* / wasted soul (hand drummed remix)

asianova / send in the majik klown

blood box / oracle of babylon

post scriptvm / abortion of memory

kwisp / twilight of sonic ballerina

antichildleague / title unknown

illusion of safety / grav 1+

thomas dimuzio / blow angles blew angels

winston tong / lx rudis / thee infinite