Due Process: Combine XXIII - XXXV

combine XXIII - XXXV

due process

phage tapes

2013 LP


“Noise plays, not slays.” —KFJC


Might as well call this OverDue Process, potentially the third or later installment but the first to make it to KFJC, and in a way make it from KFJC. Some of the source sounds here were shot out on KFJC’s signal back on Dec 10th, 2005 when Emil Beaulieu (nee RRRon Lessard) swung by our station, surely with KFJC ally Thomas Dimuzio at his side. Those two gents, along with John Wiggins constitue the Due Process-ors, who for 20 years have ping-ponged sound through the mail, the internet and their sonic intestines. Of some note, especially on side B, Zanstones wheeze-weaves some Kentucky squeeze box into the mix. Quite nice as the processing here often as a sort of inhaling kind of rhythm/wave to it. The first side has insects bouncing off tiny springs or so it sounds to me, some underwater reverb too. I think Wiggins brings plenty of percussion into his mixes. Felt like lingering organ to was involved, but it is all probably switches, pedals and synth in various guises. The last three tracks on side B are apparently the source material, the very last being the most mellow, but far from a drone. Burstiness seemed to be a recurring motif, and maybe more humor than one might expect. Although online I found their “Future Flashback” which was a cool audio cartoon crowded with folks. This is more subdued with industrial shades, but again a light almost humorous touch. Noise plays, not slays. —Thurston Hunger