hallelujah anyway, remembering tom cora

various artists


1999 CDx2

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cuimhnean phíobair / lesli dalaba

the gospel of gone / kazutoki, umezu & band

halts / roof

talking to the tree / fred frith & catherine jauniaux

saint dog / curlew

seafaring / amy denio & jeroen visser

two-day 'til tomorrow / tom cora

in memory of / gonogonogo

jim / ululating mummies

just a dream / shock exchange

today / chris cochrane

marseille shout / oriental fusion

love, love, love / wayne horvitz

casey r. / tom cora fred frith & john zorn

weaklings / third person & marc ribot

der glater bulgar / a musik

the president of the united states

light sentence / curlew

the week tom died / thierry azam

there will be a happy meeting / tom cora

the flute's tale / the ex

burning hoop / tom cora

pitter patter panther / chadbournes

tomcat / miya masaoka, larry ochs & bob ostertag

tom wood / gerry hemingway

mr. tc / elliott sharp & frances-marie uitti

jelly roll stomp / skeleton crew

fence / zeena parkins

vepiranka / tom cora & iva bittova

intenda / nimal

tromba marina a cora / nicolas collins

hoppas att det går/total preparation / pidgin combo

yellow smile / hahn rowe

two days 'til tomorrow / tom cora & wolfgang mitterer

jesus speak to me / tyson rogers

radiotraces / thomas dimuzio

one more time [live] / tom cora, chris cutler & fred frith

tom's lament / kramer & tess

zach's flag / skeleton crew