botanical isotopes: phyllocephala refoilated

various artists


2009 CD-R


“The results are quite good, and some really good, such as the speeding sounds of Dimuzio...” —Vital Weekly

Vital Weekly

Jackson, in case you don't know, has been active in the world of experimental music since the 80s with his own label and his own music, but also actively involved with 'the network'. For his compilation he send out a work he did in 2005 to twelve different artists, all in a separate pieces, to be remixed. Its maybe 'just' a remix project, as he says on the cover (which on all three accounts have room for improvement), but it was he wish that the individual sounds would be used by the others. I don't believe I heard the original, which was made with analog synthesizers, a five heart monitor, a turntable, acoustic feedback, q bugle, digital processing and sundry field recordings. Lots of new names are to be discovered in this lot (just how many experimental musicians are there in this world, I sometimes wonder?), such as Jabberwocky, Aaron Bachelder, The Syntax Of Things, Thee Embroynic Crusader, Sambson, The Days Of Perky Pat but also Cheapmachines, Mental Anguish (another long time collaborator from the 80s) and Thomas Dimuzio. As said, I don't know the original, so its not easy to judge the remixes. For all I know this could also be a compilation of electronic music. Lots of analogue synthesizers, digital processing, cut ups and such like. Some sounds seem to return, which may count for a remix project indeed, but each one seems to be taking a different approach to a limited set of sounds. The results are quite good, and some really good, such as the speeding sounds of Dimuzio, the suppressed silence of Cheapmachines and The Days Of Perky Pat or the psychedelics of Mental Anguish. A nice set of music. —Franz de Waard