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various artists


1997 K2500/2000 format

sound library

This CD-ROM contains almost 600 meg of samples, programs, demos, compatibility files. A wide variety of samples can be found on the disk, including: Keyboards, Guitars, Basses, Drums and Percussion, Horns, Strings, Voices, and Sound Effects. Also included are many programs which utilize the ROM samples.

For use with both K2000 and K2500 series instruments.

Demo Sequences - A dazzling array of sequences created by some of the best musicians in the business. A great way to show off the sonic power of your Kurzweil instrument.

3rd Party Developers - Demonstration files and audio sampled performances of many of the excellent quality products available from our third party developers.

Libraries - All of the original Kurzweil floppy disk libraries and standard K2000 factory demos and programs assembled into one place for your convienence.

Programs - Literally thousands of amazing sounding variations of programming uncovering just a tip of the iceberg for using V.A.S.T. synthesis to expand your sound palette.

Samples - A versatile collection of public domain samples donated by the contributors to the disk, and amazing digital recordings from the Kurzweil archives.

Utilities - A variety of standard compatibility files for both platforms, operating system and objects files for the K2500 series - a must for every Kurzweil owner.