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1997 CD


leif elggren / elohim-basic (electric version)

amk / reclosure

thomas dimuzio / 4 poles

small cruel party / second honor: it's forever again

tenatively a convenience / melody #5 (for abbey) note #3

emil beaulieau / plays chops shop

the haters / polished thaw (8 track cartage mix)

david weinstein / hideaway

daniel menche / licking a scabbed spirit

blackhumour / "abigail"

lary 7 / casino echomatic

abbey lavine's tahini party

malcolm riviera / 8 track librarians in outer space

russ forster / 8 track luv

godon monohan / tips from mr. showmanship

john hudak / walking the winter field

francisco lopez / untitled piece for abbey and scott

peter duimelinks / asperen (cycle 0.00)

c.m. v hausswolff / test

egnekn / stairway to 8 track heaven

chop shop / metastatic

abbey lavine at paradise shooting range in the poconos