a poke in the ear with a sharp stick

various artists


1996 akai S1000 format

sound library

Over 1200 specially selected samples from the original Pokes vols. I, II & III , in the Akai S1000 format for use in Akai, Emu, Ensoniq, Kurzweil and Roland S1000 compatible samplers. Hundreds of deafening Metallic and FoundSound Percussion hits and events, rhythmic Machine and Noise loops, hyper-stereo Ambient Textures, Washes and FX, mind bending Vocals and Alien Environments. All files are 16 bit @ 44.1khz, set-up in 'Overview Mode' across the keyboard for quick review and integration into your own instrument groups. Definitely a surreal addition to your music, sound collage and media productions.