a poke in the ear with a sharp stick vol. III

various artists


1995 CD-ROM

(originally released by osc)


“... the latest volume from the folks who gave new meaning to the word twisted.”— Electronic Musican

sound library

A Poke in the Ear with a Sharp Stick, Volume III is designed to disrupt your multimedia presentations with its twisted assortment of clip-tunes, rhythmic loops and effects. It includes more than 1,700 samples of 16-bit linear mono or stereo AIFF files sampled at 44.1kHz. This sound library is set-up for Macintosh or PC based digital audio workstations or sampler use and contains sounds such as fried tooth fairy, mantis like position, noizalator, acid waterfall, charred radio, resonant dog meat, alien sinus problem, tiny robot hairball, glass rodents and tidal wave of shoplifting.

Sound designers on this disc are:

Ray Brunelle: Media Junkie (known 'round here as the Wacky Witchdoctor). Ray toils relentlessly, day and nite, thru natural disasters, personal trauma, even the auctioning off of his home/studio (at least he got it on tape!) to produce a plethora
of maddness. You need a Beta tester... Ray's the one to call.

Mark Loomis: From his 'smoke' filled chambers, deep within the bowels of Silicon Valley looms the infamous Loomis, "Prince of International Phone Phreakin."

Keith (can we spell your name wrong again) Hillebrandt: Sonic Nomad. Usually found (when he can be found) with mic in hand, scouring the crevices of the inner city in search of helpless aural prey. Thru massive auditory multilation he (re)creates the surreal landscapes of a truly twisted mind. Now residing in a dark New Orleans basement working with NIN.

Thomas Dimuzio: From his Boston-based audio lab on the back lot of a wreaking yard (the only place a true madman can find sanctuary). Thomas tortures his sonic captors thru every device known (and unknown) to (sub)Humankind. "Sorry man but I don't think a Harddrive in the blender is what Burroughs had in mind."

SMAK!: Here is a man that has truly created his own hell. His only salvation can be found in the architectual soundwork of his machine symphonies. He was last seen playing his Udu on a street corner, somewhere in the Haight (mumbling something about "hating people, phones and the downfall of humankind").