rings of smoke through the trees

rings of smoke through the trees

danvers state recordings

2011 cassette

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“I really love this tape, it recalls a damp organic environment full of decay and mystery.”— Existence Establishment

Existence Establishment

I can’t believe this is merely the first Danvers State Recordings release to be reviewed on Existence Establishment. I guess it’s just a random set of circumstances that has led us to this point, but I’m happy to report the first review will be a very positive one. Rings of Smoke Through the Trees is a new project to me, and is a trio featuring the work of Andre Custodio, Thomas Dimuzio, and Mark Wilson. The name Thomas Dimuzio rings a bell but I can’t recall where I’ve heard it before. Mark Wilson hails from the noise project Conure, a project which was more prolific in the late 90s and early 00s.

At 50 minutes this is quite a heavy load of material from this artist but luckily it’s well warranted because this is atmospheric ambient music of great quality. Side A is entitled Esemplasty and begins with subtle synth background sounds, pulsating, blurping, and chirping, combined with low airy drones and sparse tribal style percussion. All the elements here are quite spaced out and ambient to form a thick smoky atmosphere. Eventually the percussive elements fade and the drones come to the forefront presenting a thick mist of speaker hum and hidden synth textures.

Rings of Smoke is much more minimal, and I might even say works just a touch better. The atmosphere here is top-notch using different sound sources. The track starts off with the softest drones and slow under-water sounding industrial waste movement. Pretty soon we’re back to the sparse improvisational drumming and instrument work flowing with more low drones that carry on with lush obscurity.

I really love this tape, it recalls a damp organic environment full of decay and mystery. The sound is very contemplative and zen which many ambient artists try to pull off but don’t actually succeed at. Great work. —Existence Establishment