twice around the earth

chris cutler and various artists

rer megacorp

2005 CD


"An experiment in listening. These compositions are an offshoot of the daily soundscape programme I ran (Out Of The Blue) for Resonance FM radio between July 2001-2002, which consisted of commissioned real-time recordings made all around the world between 23.30 and midnight GMT (the time of the broadcast). This CD begins with material from these broadcasts confecting, as it were, two composites of the Earth and a few of its inhabitants, somewhat analogous to what an impossible satellite ear with pinpoint acuity might hear in transit - plus one ear-cleaning stretch between them, taken from a single hear-point. I have tried to make these pieces both open and to work on parallel levels: not only do they have their own narrative and aesthetic qualities, but I hope they also offer a meditation on listening and not listening, interpretation and structure, chance and microphonics. The list of ears around the world who supplied basic material is too long to print here, but it includes many names familiar from these catalogues, and many from the still young soundscape and phonograpic community. Full details of people and places are given in the booklet, along with artwork and thorough notes."  —Chris Cutler


Features environmental recordings by an astoundingly long list of people such as Peter Cusack, David Lee Myers, Otomo Yoshihide, Chris Cutler, Andrew McKenzie, Nicholas Collins, Maria Avram / Iancu Dumitrescu, Amy Denio, Jim Pugliese, Christopher Delaurenti, Toby Paddock, Thomas Dimuzio, Brian Labycz (aka Koura), Michael Northam, Haco, John Levak Drever, Gino Robair, Marcelo Radulovich, Maggi Payne, Aaron Ximm, Eric Muhs, Michael Rüsenberg, and many many others.