the $100 guitar project

various artists

bridge records

2013 CDx2


chris murphy / blockhead
amy denio / deni/zen koan
greg anderson / bale wagon
alex skolnick / $100 guitar blues
josh lopes / hundo
nick didkovsky / a fire in god’s path
biota / watch and watch
caroline feldmeier (of paracutá) / a fond lover
david starobin / berceuse bas de gamme (cheap lullaby)
taylor levine / fish eye
nels cline / seared beard
andy aledort / hunnerdollas ‘o’ lovin’
ron anderson / chainring compatibility
mark hitt with bctd / boogieman
rhys chatham / the out of tune guitar ($100 guitar version)
zwerm / 100$ pedalfest
nick didkovsky / son of lion
joe berger bctd / d & b eurotunnel
han/earl park / apophenia: a atomic symphony in 10 movements ii you seek iii a comfortable spot to listen iv to this v track the sofa perhaps vi or the vii floor however viii standing hand ix suspended over the volume x control you xi find that xii it is
shawn persinger is prester john / medley: 100 one/dollar guitars / siciliano from violin sonata no. 1 by j.s. bach (excerpt)
del rey / leadbelly’s jalopy
marty carlson with joe bouchard / adjustable rod
mike lerner / requiem
marco oppedisano / red cent
jon diaz / harmonic prayer
mike keneally / hi ma
mark solomon / stethoscope
larry polansky / duchess bridge
julia a. miller “jseq_a” / 5.2.onnne
james moore / birds
bruce zeines / the earth still turns while i am still on it
chuck o’meara / until it all went terribly awry
karl evangelista / escroh
bill brovold / little fire
teisco del rey, with bob spalding / house of the rising sun
colin marston / “_________”
fred frith / light erases the thought
thomas dimuzio / fog rolls
janet feder / the wind that brought the fire
marco cappelli / do ut des
barry cleveland / arab spring
kai niggemann / when $100 was precious
roger c. miller / the hundred buck stopped here
nick didkovsky / monkey and determination
jesse krakow / a song like this
blancah / red
nick didkovsky / could have been an ankles tableau
steve maclean / m/theory
jesse kranzler / music for the modern man pt. 3
michael bierylo / koralate
hans tammen / i hate zero crossings
david linaburg / distance, no distance
nick didkovsky / i can imagine you dancing to this
john shiurba / down the drain
bruce eisenbeil / red winged blackbird
henry kaiser / i forget
wiek hijmans / wieks
ken field / sonic wrubble
juan parra cancino / life is too precious...
ava mendoza / normal nagual
elliott sharp / ninety/nine ninety/nine
kobe van cauwenberghe / himi
keith rowe / table
raymond t. kallas / malchiro (when blossoms fall they look like they’re dancing)
phil burk / snow falls on the rising tide
nick didkovsky / feeble little weakling
mark stewart / hum! scratch!! rub!!!
tom marsan / stairwell blues
matt wilson / white byrd