the league of assholes

titicacaman records

2021 download



christopher adler: harpsichord
abel ashes: electronics
dylan lee brown: alien groove box
james call: theremin, speaking-in-tongues treatment
mike coppolino: street comic
thomas dimuzio: buchla 200 and metasonix wretch machine
barney firks: bass, white noise generator, various toys & noise makers
futbol: borussia dortmund vs. brugge
chet harrison: mandolin harp, violin, oinker
damon holzborn: synthesizer
jeff kaiser: flugelhorn and live electronics
matthew kerr: drums
alan mackillop: surf guitar
charles maynes: piano, textures
jessica radulovich: cutting up potatoes
marcelo radulovich: guitar, voice, xylophone, percussion, mix master radul
bill ray: drums
scott michael sayre: piano, melodica, trombone, trumpet, synthesizer
bart stull: guitar, electronics
bobby stull: electronic beats
gabriel sundy: baritone sax, flute, clarinet
scott walton: contrabass, voice
mike watson: automated air pump, casio, various toys & noise makers
david ybarra: bass, drum machine, voices gerk chirpple
morgan young: drums