generator 27 years later

various artists


2017 cassette


conrad schnitzler / welcome to the generator
chop shop/scott konzelmann / silt
francisco lopez / untitled #321
david lee myers / gu ad
amk (all lower case) / imaginary menagerie/the love song/filled to fire
g.x. jupitter-larsen / tnu [voice jessica king & amk]
rod summers / answering ken take 1
thomas dimuzio & david lee myers / tulpa
david prescott / loves to be in touch
al margolis / silence is golden [accordion & toy accordions]
tim sweet / sears radio
jeanne liotta/chloe liotta/jones (with ken montgomery)
stvjns / generating
joseph nechtaval / destroyer of naivetés [snippet] by cave bacchus
(joseph nechvatal, black sifichi & rhys chatham)
anna homler / secha [with adrian northover & dave tucker]
mariano airaldi / generating 11
dina emerson / glow glass dance
ken butler / an atmosphere of experimentation prevails!
steve buchanan / willi noize [martin walter plays organ]
david watson / don’t do that again
matty o / frank lambert’s 1878 talking clock
john wiggins / still on a roll + zoom beds in august
liaizon wakest & jed miner / wet saint & liquid bishup
miekal and / morton fell down
bill buchen / sonic architecture
c m von hauswolff / the weather in stockholm
lary 7 / that cafe next door [the rainbow cafe]
abo / destructive forces part i

abo / destructive forces part ii
gregory wildes / string drive
dan andreana / a buck two forty/haze waste county
lord litter / the berlin july 2017 disaster
charles rice goff iii / what did you do to my dad? /i forgot my pin code
vittore baroni / future dreams [by le forbici di manitù /chér leader]
rod summers / answering ken take 2
brian karl / cage, juicer & blender
don campau / no pigeonholes
james hill & don campau / big daddy goes to richmond
heentodile / crimen
skip william sawburn [aka mike zod] / take that journey
mark lane / subterranean anxiety
hal mcgee / mcgee at the generator + mcgee mk7 spirit cult tape mix
rafael gonzález / hola generador!
gaston bertin / happy to be back in the voice box
carl howard / whatever you want
wolfgang die stuermer / still doing music 27 years later
small cruel party / ma l’ombra sol a piantar l’uomo serve
francisco lopez / excerpt interview, london
barbara moore / short & sweet oasis
fabio roberti / sat at generator
john sulak / downtown manhattan blues
skip elsheimer / never found generator
blackhumour / locate/d [part 4 of 6 in the broadcast series ,excerpt]
with the voice of amk
conrad schnitzler / so long!