im peach: the sequel

the league of assholes

titicacaman records

2018 mp3


im peach: the sequel

Christopher Adler: shortwave radio 
Argonoise: improvisation source 
DB: guitar 
Dylan Lee Brown: drums, drum machine, sampler, array midi controller, Casio 
Cosmo Call: Casio 
James Call: organ, Casio, distorted piano 
Thomas Dimuzio: Buchla & Elektron media re-channeling/re-truthing algorithms 
Marcos Fernandes: synth 
Barney Firks: bass 
Damon Holzborn: synthesizer 
Charles Maynes: grand piano, sound effects 
Nicey Nice World: improvisation source 
Jessica Radulovich: voice, didgeridoo 
Marcelo Radulovich: guitar, voice, melodica, percussion, thunder drums, bul bul, vuvuzella, iPhone, mix master Radul 
Joyce Rooks: processed cello 
Max Springer: processed voice 
Mike Stone: synth 
Jules Stratton: scream 
Bart Stull: guitar, electronics 
Risa Takeda: synth 
FM Watson: Homemade samples & Ebow layered fretless guitars 
Zoe Weslowski: scream 
David Ybarra: rhythm loop 
Bill Wesley: Array Mbira