praisin' & hell raisin' - benefit for LCM collective

various artists

lcm oakland

2012 mp3


pigs in the ground / unearthed
0th / dodecahedron
waxy tomb / pierce deciphered
black thread / wormwood shivers
the david russell snake / cylindra
thomas dimuzio / chemtrails (3 different ones)
daniel hintz / song for louise
petit mal / drifting six
ryan jewell / oakland (i guess we're)
a magic whistle / sun shiners tick tockers (phonin it in live)
ascetic / temples
sun poisoning / o
brownstain / garg
head/boggle / file underwater
jeweled snakes / streets of uranus
melting wreck / color vision
crank sturgeon / forty garter distension span
chefkirk / peristaisis
andrew scott young / woolen
actuary / the silent dead
dental work / community demise
marlo eggplant / three beat
selaroda / padmapriya
conscious summary / oppurtunity for deflection (excerpt)
bonos/chen / 11/8/2012 oakland
horaflora / s s ee e mmmo oorr eee bbbuut ts s
loachfillet / primitive feast
wapstan / coeur de loup
monocle gang / rodger stella vs r. jencks
page 27 / live at rhinoceropolis 2012
vavatican / glare on wall
sharkiface / obsessions in red
pete von petrin / burrows
hntrhntr / ptchbtch
styrofoam sanchez / chemical release point
terile garden / glimpses of bridges at night
zeek sheck / 0070120/ēēēēēēēēēēēē
vertonen / you get out ratskin
el dorado / making out
fslux / no vmbr pain
amphibious gestures / morse codus hydraulis
head/head / cave dance
amateur sonic laboratory / a space peregrination
shane myrbeck and emily shisko / excerpt from seer, live at the lab
mortinocco fyløow / ars lulrich
the haters / five minute glitch
collapsed arc / dial loop
nerfbau / live knive at lcm
skullcaster / zygoat
bonus beast / diskofury
pcrv / chair piece for standing room only
bran (...) pos / life changing karmic discharge
it breaks / an oogle is a crust punk who stays on your couch and messes up your whole house
julia mazawa / the oakland yodel
+dog+ / izote
alienslang / thediscontentsofhisbreifcaseandthecontemporaryconquistador
geronimo arafat / fuck your income tax, this is my rectum which you've axed (so wantonly)
anti/ear / redux
bob bellerue / chambers/2/1/all
beast nest / rate/industry
holiday heart / lucky night
terror apart / bullwhip
different dentist / throat trim/dead cops ii
filthmilk / lizvitucus
johnny tamborino and the sleek observers / live at open mouth
travis johnson / rat saw fondler
ruidibello / shikyu
moira scar / gotta get out
big black butthole / human cannonball