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make noise myanmar

2021 download


MAKE NOISE MYANMAR is a collaborative curation between seah and mykel boyd, a mixtape style compilation put together for the purpose of raising awareness about what is happening in Myanmar and raising money to support the resistance movement there.

sci fi industries / l'affaire des poisons
arrington de dionyso / bass blood jaranan doom 
big city orchestra / maracas
brent gutzeit / 93rd dream 
carl michael von hausswolff / even the sayadaws in zalun 
doline karst / bulb bleeds above
drekka / silver geometry and radiant color
esses / forever gone 
attrition / the great derailer- dead happy remix 
howard stelzer / observance #6c 
thoabath / k.r.44.k.0e.22
michael esposito / the revolt of the sea gypsies 
guillermo galindo / ynerte
ego death / hypnotized into passivity 
sinister senile / oh my my myanmar 
farmacia / shantee the pilgrim
james johnston / dark water 
jesse goin / burmanoise 
john duncan / dark market broadcast
marwan kamel (daily maqum) / a raft for the rohingya refugee 
francisco lópez / untitled #269 
neil jendon / incapabilities
pas musique / her excellency in distress 
philippe petit / kakiquinquin 
scanner / that's okay 
tim kaiser / city of angels 
cookie tongue / sad house 
mike shiflet / red jade (take 3) 
bj nilsen & sigtryggur berg sigmarsson / untitled excerpt 
post doom romance / we are all bound
rapoon / chant 
mauricio reyes (cycom) / cold fusion
trespassers w / jack and jill here and now
ted byrnes / tension
jeb loy nichols / deportees 
val denham / it's not the sunshine 
jesse ahmann / a peaceful path 
colour sound oblivion / john edward jones in the nutty putty cave 
lightning white bison / first known mirror 
minoy / a few formalities still accorded humans excerpt
ruidobello / amanecer
jeweled snakes / ank phobia 
paul bee hampshire / memory spirits 
kevin corcoran / barricades
jilala / track two
jóhann eiriksson / untitled
larb / comin' all on upside yeh head 
obsolete / colson's dirty tricks 
dax pierson / i slay the pain 
the pavilion trio / repudiation 
will yager / counted amoung the eyes 
pbk / i wrote the letters of your name 
runar magnuson / 8888 
sean hamilton / thaw 
snezhana reizen / astray
jim haynes / the siphon
thomas dimuzio / resistance bears no arms
v.e.x./moira scar / apart at the seems
xambuca / လည်ချောင်းဖြတ် (laihkyaungg hpyat)
the anti group / the tenant (le locataire chimérique) 
bruce lamont / permanent desires (demo)
hybrid frequency / arrested and deported