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2012 mp3


3bc & diana harmon garnand / only love
acid trash / in flames (oil ocean mix)
airwaves (oskar menzel) / the deep ones
another neglected hobby / blissed
arcane waves / surfing waves with dolphins and whales
ari porki / tide
baxter tocher / sun over rainbow
boreal taiga / sailing the beaufort sea
burning artist / oceanographie 1
carbon111 / inland sea
daniel lahey / offshore
dave luxton / to the titanic
david alan smith / another wandering path (copyright 1995)
david gerard / pelagic
david sands (dogman) / it's a love thing
ditto / where meets the sea 5
dmyra / underwater breath spell
electrocelt / subzero limits
elvirus / whales dream in echoes
eyes cast down / last of his breed
greg allen / space delight
hg fortune & inner dreamer / one heart for the sea
hrastprogrammer / mirovia
jack hertz / sea slumbers
jeff duke / whaleloops
joe mcmahon / light through water
jon johnson / laire of poseidon
julian ray / les aquatiques
kirchenkampf / endangered
loopool / mourning long distance loss
m. anne quinn / underwater ghost town
m.nomized / goddess of the sea
machine boy / sky lanes
magnetic wind / a siren's drift
marc moore / yrg funky song
mark mosher / metamorphosis under the chatham light
mirada / treasures of the indigo world
mirror of dreams / inside the silver pearl
muied lumens / undercurrents
music from the film / there is no help
mystified / the open sea
numina / from depths to distances
ocp / t
paul ellis / appears to vanish part 3
peter diphillips / layering
peter james and jennifer jo oakley / the silent sea
phillip wilkerson / caribbean blue
robert scott thompson / oceans
rupert chappelle / my love lies deep
s r dhain / watery spacey boo boo
symatic star & astro dave / oceans of europa
symmetry / awakenin
the glass hour (tracy demarco) / we shall breathe
thomas dimuzio / song of the humpbacks
tim risher / stream
tomsie music (tomsiedler1) / tears of whales
totalitny rezim im clone / alien alarm system error
translunar / energy dimension
usr/sbin (aka dennis moser) / the ghosts of oceans past
william spivey / manta


Whales and dolphins are not saved! Every year, 100,000's are injured or killed from boat strikes, entanglement in fishing nets, pollution, and whaling. You can help by downloading the Oceans Music Project to benefit the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WrDCS) for just $1 or more. Every dollar you give helps the WDCS save all whales, dolphins and their habitats. To show their appreciation, these artists are giving you 60 electronic music downloads for supporting our oceans.

released 27 August 2012
Ocean Photography by Washington State USA artist Carbon111 - More info at Carbon111.com

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and welfare of all whales and dolphins. Serving as a world voice for the protection of these animals, creating pressure to bring about change. WDCS defend these remarkable creatures against the many threats that they face such as hunting, captivity, chemical and noise pollution, ship collisions (ship strikes) , entanglement in fishing nets (bycatch) and climate change. The organization does this by taking money raised and pumping it back into campaigns and projects across the globe that really do have an impact. Learn more about the WDCS online at www.wdcs.org

Sound for Good is a record label that publishes and promote new music as a means to support good causes. This is an independent project that is supported directly by the artists and is not for profit or monetary gain in any way. All the artists time and every dollar we raise are focused on supporting a good cause. Check the catalog site for all our release at sound4good.bandcamp.com