in ogre ate

the league of assholes

titicacaman records

2017 download


in ogre ate

christopher adler: scream 
abel ashes: acoustic guitar, voice 
dylan lee brown: array nail organ 
bug guts: closing song (guitars, voices, shaker) 
james call: theremin, organ 
spud davenport: screams 
thomas dimuzio: modular synths and processing 
james dougherty (zebra and donkey): voice, melodica 
barney firks: bass noise 
esteban flores: guitar 
beth glick-rieman: voice 
eric glick rieman: upright piano, with keys covered by moving plastic bag 
enrique "bugs" gonzalez: drums 
chet harrison: phone viola 
charles maynes: montage 
dave pearson: voice 
jessica radulovich: voice 
marcelo radulovich: processed cassettes, bass, sander on bass, screams, voices 
scott sayre: trombone 
bart stull: guitar 
scott walton: upright bass 
fm watson: fretless guitars, voice 
bill wesley: harmony array keyboard