raw meat diet

the league of assholes

titicacaman records

2018 download


raw meat diet 

christopher adler: khaen 
akilegna: mehtna naissur 
abel ashes: acoustic guitar 
big, frasier & foley: barks 
dylan lee brown: drums, percussion 
james call: theremin 
randy chiurazzi: guitarbage can 
spud davenport: drums, dogs 
thomas dimuzio: buchla 200e 
marcos fernandes: protest march phonography 
hans fjellestad: piano 
fly: buzz 
gorilla: snarls 
chet harrison: strange partscaster guitar 
napoleon hawerchuk: baritone saxophone 
damon holzborn: synthesizer 
jeff kaiser: flugelhorn 
charles maynes: music montage 
pig: squeals 
rabid dog: snarls 
jessica radulovich: voice, trampoline 
marcelo radulovich: iphone, percussion, bass, phonography, voice 
bart stull: guitar, electronics 
fm watson: fretless guitars 
woodpecker: pecking 
david ybarra: bass