rogue pulse/gravity collapse

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ratskin records

2017 CDx10

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g.x. jupitter larsen / blm permawave
malportado kids / basta hued
big debbie / e.p. hypnosis
the uhuruverse featuring jupitter black - the twilight zone
ragana / you take nothing
zeek sheck / 7777-01-77 son
cloudland canyon / orpheum
relay for death / burn the father down
s&ndc&stl& / expanded hourglass
wolf eyes / shattered hallway
sugar in the body / we are fighting for peace
negativland / destroy anything
sharlyn evertsz / careless idiom
government alpha / tumbled down
ciarra black / don't say it, volume 1
beast nest / the worker, the queen & the drone

chicharra / alloy
moor mother / ctm five
ugly / feelings
s.b.s.m. / godzilla
postcommodity / mesa de las viejas
john bender /
loachfillet / the dirge (for jsun)
porest / tanmisant
cube / other common myths
john duncan / she's not there
burmese / the future of suffering
how i quit crack / live at the void s.a.t.x.
false none / exorcism
dax pierson / macrobid
scott kelly / the wash of the sea
prist / still moving
ploc / bad judgement
reverend mother flash / revenez amours revenez

jeepneys / magnetics
sana shenai / aumbea
dreamcrusher / syva valo
spellling / tremble dancer
hide / all fours
the creatrix / d.b. no moral universe
aaron dilloway / birgu ropes
laetitia sonami / surface tension
studded left / wallbangers
mental jewelry / psychic fluid
3bonus beast / direct dive
asyd barret / wish you weren't here m1
black quantum futurism / kytheria
robert turman / vortex
black spirituals / black love

clipping. / chain (remix) featuring – kill rogers
golden donna / wires for the worst
terror apart / perfectly nowhere
introflirt / precious thread
panicsville / rapist destroyer
v.e.x. / ride the time
hiroshi hasegawa / homeobox
amps for christ / flatbox 4
cbn / the animals are outside
sneax / till the end 100% performer – latron, obsidian blade
ah mer ah su / write this off
sharkiface / underneath
san cha / capricho del diablo
petheaven / fear of dark water
the young lions / the cracks in everything
harassor / deathless urge
novaya / black sun
coral remains / dna eraser

dj spooky / dark skies
francisco meirino / i left you the ruins
sewer rats bk / eric and michael
daniel menche / sleepers
blue sabbath black cheer / love in hell
dilatedears / smoking joints with allah
david molina / the wall and speaking in tongues
mulva myasis / slinky time
brian tester / chronopeople
forbidden colors / green smiley face sticker
red cellar / ectoplasmic grave rave (excerpt)
names / go easy
profligate / lose a little
the same / masque
street sects / i was alone
sun araw trio* / forlorn gazebo
v. vale / classical piece

ima / meshes
bigawatt / octotillo
sanko & mingo / gentrification
piano rain / last year
echo beds / liberation of exit
sun poisoning band / splinters from the sun
waxy tomb / balm
bob bellerue / time to go
jim haynes / boiled
ackamoor/molina duo / flaming serpent (live improvisation at lcm)
forced into femininity / rejection as lifestyle
wobbly / unfriend
earth rituals / shots thru the wall
lady fair cigarettes / xoxo
botched facelift / command hallucination
suckdog / jokes about women
lee robinson / cleaners for one
endometrium cuntplow / in this night air

jasmine infiniti / scratchy a
future blondes / eternals 2
kit clayton / morning rasp
compactor / equal work
skin graft / jettisoned
tendher / do you know where the real me is
head boggle / triangle rag
conscious summary / flowers (excerpt)
filthmilk / jyoti singh ka antim sankaar geet
gerritt wittmer / maybe
dental work / 1 minute fuck
arvo zylo / upheaval 89
bulbs / polar light
malocculsion / red (for jsun)
la mere / well almost never
wizard apprentice / untitled
tyler holmes / demo
xome / girl shooter
victor vankmen / crack down at sundown
genital quartz / alien trust

preening / bite the sash version
screw machine / blood reaction to threshold noise level
copley medel / fifteen chapters
say bok gwai / ojos que no ven
artificial art ensemble / highland park sessions, mix 1
cusswordz / raw
divtech / cross hairs
bombardier / acid attack
real life / endless competition
drumcorps / wake up break out
straight crimes / earth mover
thomas dimuzio / abject light
skate laws / the whip of promise
points of friction / canary contrarian
paralycyst / untitled
maya songbird/ living in harmony
mitchell brown / golden hiccup
pod blotz / the current
green ova records / drip
russell e.l. butler/ technofeminism house
marielle v. jakobsons / breaking the sky
tom hall / slipper

kid606 / big sur cuisin'
jeff carey / expr
cheflee / shack
instagon / thee turn to thee darkside
microscopic suffering / dry your sorrows
drought spa / hyperextensivity
daisy world / untitled
tralphaz / somewhere
b.i.n.t. / host
cock e.s.p. / ghost nuts
elrond / hart start
decanter / faust ficker
mac t dog / talk money
the younger lovers / down down gently
fletcher pratt / la confusion toujours
sharon tate fetus explosion / personal brand
xiu xiu / qom
slanted square / synonym for the u.s.a.
drew mcdowall / intersitial
zanna nera / in my veins
planet b / attractive mammals
no babies / litany for survival
golden champagne flavored sweatshirt / animals calling animals
take up serpents / let us pray (each other apart)

to live and shave in l.a. / ward (interior)
scorpion warrior / i know
earthbound featuring shawna shawnte / solar world
witches of malibu / nomad witches
murder murder / harnamatsu
unsustainable social condition / conflagration
decide today / refugees welcome
pleasure 2 / glad you care
id m theft able / exhalatations in a flashlight beam
crank sturgeon / in lieu of charming features
matt heckert / first go
arc / breathe couplings undulation map
nine / damaru hasta
dimentia / specimen identity
matmos + wobbly / ekoplx/grm/jsun
guillermo galindo / somebody's eating on the line
nerfbau / everybody knew