the noise pandemic compilation

various artists

rorer 714

2020 download


antropozoa / phase charlie
(an) eel / drowning in masks
a.n.s. / voci diagli outwads
apollon23 / trapped
archangel / the sixth circle
roberto vodanović čopor / elomen naooa
däχ-mä / mass innoculation
delrith / i'm sick of this place
d.f.s. / infectae (dactyle-spread mix)
thomas dimuzio / the bee seethes the mind’s eye (delirium amongst focus)
dissecting table / destructive virus
paul dvr / isolation wall
easy bake oven 簡単オーブン / anti-bodies
echo lightwave unspeakable / rip century rick
vineo enricone / akustická rezonancia a relaívny priestor
the flayed choirmaster / bribe the earth to stop moving
grave blankets (2) / stay at home order day 29
greathumour / disease will follow
hallucinogenic bulb / vacationing in the shadow real
steve heineman / neptune direct
imbued vagary / dead planet
the impromptu theater noise project / clock outrages victoriously inward disaster (version 19)
infinity of 6 / support the nhs you voted to cripple
leandro kalén / damages i
lidless eye / thought virus
listless spirit / so let the rain come down
mandatory death age / bald cephalothorax
morse code band / the bishop
moyogash* / truck
bill munz / livergreen
ivan nahem / no goodbye!
nevhar anhar / bottom 12c
nightmare of teeth / collapse of jupiter
pendro / invisible rolling enemy
poetry in commotion / essentially expendable
ppfpessco / assurez​-​vous de désinfecter ma chérie
satyr/elfheim / nibiru
shrinkwrap / viral shedding
six o'matic / pendulating patiently
skeletonized / plague rats
slacking / essential deficit
the smut peddler / it's almost like a miracle
snwv / amygdala
spaghetti castle / collect caul
stare into the sun / death comes in waves
three dead dogs / quarantine games
trichinas / miss
unknown entity / they've come for me
vladivostok / hydroxychloroquine
vomit x kult / entities iii (conversation)
wasp nest head dress / infinite mind
norman westberg / some thing, good