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Sonixtualized is bursting out as a companion to my fourth choice in our ITATIOM series dealing with Inventors Talking About Their Instruments Or Modules. Once again a mammoth of a selection offering more than 4 hours of music made using modules or systems manufactured by Metasonix, whose particularity is to use tubes which behave like nothing I’ve encountered. No doubt that those who want to stay out of their comfort zone and accept that unpredictability can be a good thing will love such flavor so for now let’s think inside the tube.

catsynth / tantsn
philippe petit / turn on the microwave & defrost the world!
weinglas / isolation madness
fa cesario / borgz tubez
gino robair / triptyque thyratron
miguel frasconi / filament i (9april21)
miguel frasconi / filament ii (9april21)
thomas dimuzio / the ossification station
c.fa_pp / nov 2020
prfrk / mundus subterraneus
anthonycapelli / kodiak
brian moran / yellow for fame
scooter mccrae / background noise