the league of assholes

titicacaman records

2020 download



christopher adler: piano, scream, khaen, bangkok trafficscapes, shortwave radio, okinawan sanshin
akilegna: mehtna naissur
android: voice
argonoise: improvisation source
abel ashes: acoustic guitar, electronics, breathing, voice, textures
db: guitar
jon boe: guitar feedback
dylan lee brown: drums, guitar, sample manipulations, drum machines, percussion, array midi controller, casio, array nail organ
bug guts: guitars, voices, shaker
cosmo call: casio
james call: bastardized file, narrator, theremin, organ
chickens: laying eggs in pennsylvania
randy chiurazzi: guitar, sound sculpture suit
lou damien: saxophone
spud davenport: marimba, garbage can lid, drums, electronics, scream, vocal dittie
thomas dimuzio: buchla 200, metasonix wretch machine, elektron media re-channeling/re-truthing algorithms, vocoder
dogs: barking
james dougherty (zebra and donkey): voice, melodica
marcos fernandes: protest march phonography, synth
hans fjellestad: piano
barney firks: bass, interviewer, electronics
samuel firks herrera: interviewee
esteban flores: waves, guitar
fly: buzz
beth glick-rieman: voice
eric glick rieman: upright piano, with keys covered by moving plastic bag
enrique “bugs” gonzalez: drums
gorilla: snarls
chet harrison: viola, percussion, electronics
greg hohman: utensils
napoleon hawerchuk: baritone saxophone
damon holzborn: synthesizer, drum machine
dan jacobson: electronic percussion
michael johnson: voice
jeff kaiser: trumpet, voice, flugelhorn
matthew kerr: drums
kp: health alerts
vivien lee: garbage truck recording
oliver lopez: voice
sam lopez: guitar, ukelele, tiny and giant frogs
alan_m: guitar and h9 max
charles maynes: sonic nauseation, added disgusting output, grand piano, synthesizer, gun sound effects
nicey nice world: improvisation source
dave pearson: voice
pig: squeals
porn: human animals copulating for money
rabid dog: snarls
jessica radulovich: bell, silence, voice, popcorn, dolphin, whale sounds, trampoline, didgeridoo
marcelo radulovich: guitar, voice, melodica, bass, percussion, drums, synth, kalimba, bul bul, vuvuzella
bill ray: drums
joyce rooks: cello
scott sayre: piano, melodica, trombone, voice, wolf wrangler
max springer: processed voice
mike stone: synth
jules stratton: scream
bart stull: guitar, electronics, train, anti-kkk march recording
gabriel sundy: baritone sax
risa takeda: synth
scott walton: upright bass
ted washington: voice
fm watson: incidental noises from cassette recordings, fretless guitar, percussion, electronics, homemade samples, ebow, daddylongleggs sound collage
bill wesley: array mbira, harmony array keyboard
zoe weslowski: scream
the wolves (8th grade wind ensemble class): flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba, percussion
woodpecker: pecking
david ybarra: bass, drum machine, harmonica, electronic loops, synth, voice
!zeuqsav!: electronics