solo recordings

Sculpting Electric: The Return Gench, 2023
Sculpting Electric: 9600 Baud Gench, 2023
Radiesthesia Gench, 2022
Sculpting Electric: The Gas Gench, 2022
LCM Erototox Decodings, 2021
Sculpting Electric: In The Ice Phase Gench Music, 2021
Balance Gench Music, 2020
Sutro Transmissions Resipiscent Records, 2020
Slew Tew Gench Music, 2020
Brackish Vacuum Modulisme, 2019
Amid Zero Echo Drone Records, 2014
Fog Music 10 Aural Films, 2014
Image Is Everything Banned Productions, 2010
Slew Gench/ReR Megacorp, 2004
Mono::Poly Gench/Asphodel, 2002
Live at Generator Generator Archives, 2001
HEADLOCK (CD reissue) ReR Megacorp, 1998
Sonicism RRRecords, 1997
Louden Odd Size Records, 1997
Markoff Process RRRecords, 1994
Remote 1 Zer0, 1991
Sone Songs Realization Recordings, 1990
lightswitch Gench, 1990
HEADLOCK LP Generations Unlimited, 1989
19th Monkey Schism Gench, 1988
FLUX Gench, 1988
Delineation of Perspective Gench, 1988


midREM Deathbomb Arc, 2021
Ascent Isounderscore, 2012
Remissions Isounderscore, 2009
The Shining Path Melon Expander/Gench/LAFMS, 2007

Marcia Bassett and Thomas Dimuzio
Losing Circles Yew Recordings, 2021

Thomas Dimuzio, Jon Leidecker and Alan Courtis
Redwoods Interpretive Oscarson Records, 2021

Alan Courtis and Thomas Dimuzio
Monk Style Or Scream Monotype Records, 2017

Chris Cutler, Thomas Dimuzio and Fred Frith
Golden State ReR Megacorp, 2010

Dan Burke and Thomas Dimuzio
Upcoming Events No Fun Productions, 2008
Sonoris, 1999

Voice of Eye and Thomas Dimuzio
The Unveiling of Darkness Record Label Records 2012

The Teen-Pop-Noise Virus Seeland, 2008

Rings of Smoke Through the Trees
Rings of Smoke Through the Trees Danvers State, 2011

Andre Custodio and Thomas Dimuzio
Street of Errs Cohort Records, 2008

Nick Didkovsky/Arte Saxophone Quartett/Thomas Dimuzio
Ice Cream Time New World Records, 2007

Chris Cutler and Thomas Dimuzio
ReR Megacorp, 2002
Quake ReR Megacorp, 1999

David Lee Myers and Thomas Dimuzio
Uncertain Symmetry
Korm Plastics, 2002

Wobbly and Thomas Dimuzio
Mirrored Cell For Chameleon Detritus, 2016
Passed Aside (Art Bears Remix Album) MP3 release, 2008
Live Thermal Inertias Dolor Del Estamago, 2008

Rotate Vortex MP3 release, 2004

Thomas Dimuzio, Wobbly and Yasuhiro Otani
Live at KFJC - Feb 25, 2001
Detritus, 2001

Due Process
Phage Tapes, 2013
Combine I-XVIII
RRRecords, 1995

Chris Cutler, Thomas Dimuzio and C.W. Vrtacek
Preacher in Naked Chase Guilty
PONK/ReR, 1995

Patronized Humoplasms
All Broke Down-Can't Be Fixed
Gench, 1988

gench concert archives

20050527, Oakland, CA
20050217, San Francisco, CA
20040925, Sacramento, CA
20040220, San Luis Obispo, CA
20031023, New York, NY

with Anla Courtis
20050105, San Francisco, CA
with Scott Arford & Chris Fitzpatrick
20041009, Oakland, CA
with Michael Thomas Jackson
20040206, San Francisco, CA
with Mitchell Brown
20030919, Oakland, CA
with Elliott Sharp
20031024, New York, NY


Erik Ian Walker and The Climate Ensemble
Climate Bottom Feeder Records, 2019

End of Mirrors Neurot Recordings, 2016

Temporal Ipecac Records, 2012
Not In Rivers, But In Drops Ipecac Records, 2008

The League of Assholes

CODA Titicacaman Records, 2021
Vitriol Titicacaman Records, 2020
Unplugged Titicacaman Records, 2020
ORGY: actors, fiends, friends, pundits, pussies, fools, sodomites, pimps, dicks and clergy Titicacaman Records, 2019
Raw Meat Diet Titicacaman Records, 2018
Im Peach The Sequel Titicacaman Records, 2018
Im Peach Titicacaman Records, 2017
In Ogre Ate Titicacaman Records, 2017

Surplus 1980
Relapse In Response, Delphine Knormal Musik, 2011

M.C. Schmidt
Batu Malablab Knockem' Dead Records, 2015

Thigmotactic Seeland, 2008

Psychic TV / PTV3
Hell Is Invisible... Heaven Is Her/e Cargo Records, 2007

Under Thee Influence Ov Tablecore, Like A Snake, 2007

Chris Cutler
Missing Chapters, self-release, 2015
There And Back Again, ReR Megacorp, 2007
Twice Around The Earth ReR Megacorp, 2005

The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises Thrill Jockey, 2020
Work Work Work Vague Terrain, 2006

The Chopping Channel
Culinary Delights MP3 release, 2006

Glass Bomb Baby
Fuzzy Box, 2002

Paul Haslinger
RGB, 1998

Crisis in Clay
ReR Megacorp, 1997
Hunger's Teeth ReR Megacorp, 1994

Coma Virus
Hidden Side Effects, 1996


Sonixtualized Modulisme, 2021
Make Noise Myanmar Make Noise Myanmar, 2021
Pandemic Response Division Spectral Electric, 2020
The Noise Pandemic Compilation Rorer 714, 2020
Buchlaisms II Modulisme, 2019
Strategies Against Totalitarianism Voidstar Productions, 2017
Generator 27 Years Later Generator, 2017
Rogue Pulse/Gravity Collapse Ratskin Records, 2017
Religion Recs Compilation 1 Religion Recs, 2016
Intonarumori: 2013 Norcal Noisefest Norcal Noisefest, 2013
$100 Guitar Project Bridge Records, 2013
Praisin' & Hell Raisin' - Benefit for LCM Collective, 2012
Oceans Music Project S4G Records, 2012
Power/field 2 Anarchymoon Recordings, 2010
Botanical Isotopes: Phyllocephala Refoilated Primecuts 2009
RRR-1000 RRRecords, 2009
Outsound New Music Summit Edgetone Records, 2009
Audio Odditions #3 Diskorporeality Recordings, 2008
Invisible Superstars Secret Life Of Sound, 2007
At Ocean Bleach Oct 26 2006 Dolor Del Estamago, 2007
Art Box Art Bears, ReR Megacorp, 2004
ReR USA Sampler ReR Megacorp, 2004
Ponder This Submergence Music, 2003
Framework 2003 Resonance FM, 2003
x+y=xy (10 Citas A Ciegas) Alku, 2002
Whitney Bitstreams Whitney Museum, 2001
State of the Union 2001 EMF, 2001
Clitstop Clitstop, 2000
LockERS ERS, 2000
Hallelujiah Anyway, Remembering Tom Cora Tzadik, 1999
End ID Digital Narcis, 1999
RRR-500 RRRecords, 1998
New Splendid IV New Splendid Records, 1998
ReR Quarterly Vol. 4 No. 2 ReR Megacorp, 1997
Links Outta Here Generator Archives, 1997
Demonstrations In High Fidelity RRRecords, 1996
Testament RRRecords, 1996
America the Beautiful RRRecords, 1994
Soundtrack for the End of the World Self Abuse, 1994
Accidents Have No Holidays Povertech Industries, 1994
Transforms: The Nerve Events Project Cuneiform, 1993
As Yet Untitled Realization Recordings, 1991
Reeling Time at the Path Factory Xkurshen Sound, 1989


NorCal Noisefest Eleven: The Movie, Norcal Noisefest, 2008

Worlds In Flux Fat Cat Records, 2007

Thomas Dimuzio and Chris Musgrave
Deeper Ambient White Box, 2002

Lon Mitchell Teller and Thomas Dimuzio
Inside Independent Film, 1997

Don Ritter and Thomas Dimuzio
Synchronous Blast Channels
RRRecords, 1994

sound libraries

Kurzweil Power Tools Kurzweil, 1997
A Poke in the Ear with a Sharp Stick - S1000 1996
A Poke in the Ear with a Sharp Stick - Audio 1996
A Poke in the Ear with a Sharp Stick Vol. III 1995
A Poke in the Ear with a Sharp Stick Vol. II 1994
A Poke in the Ear with a Sharp Stick Vol. I

Rova Saxophone Quartet
Rarefaction, 1999

Skeleton Crew - Fred Frith and Tom Cora
Etymology Rarefaction, 1996